Laboratory equipment

A&C Lab is a research unit in the field of cognitive science, electrophysiology and neuroscience. We use techniques such as EEG, TMS, eye-tracking as well as traditional psychophysical behavioral methods. Laboratory space consist of corridor/waiting room for participants of experiment and 4 research room of varied functionality dependeding on the character of conducted experiment and the control room.

Optotrak Motion Capture System (Certus)
Optotrak is a motion capture system equipped with 3-D tracking camera and markers (placed on a participant’s hand) emitting infrared light. This system is used in research on biomechanics of human movement.
(TMS) Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator  
System Rapid 2 Plus 1 by Magstim enable brain stimulation via electromagnetic induction. This method allows for stimulation of deeply localized, incaccessible cortical areas. The Rapid 2 Plus 1 makes possible generating both single impulse and high frequency repetitive stimulation.
Neuronavigation TMS Brain Sight
Neuronavigation integrated with Rapid 2 Plus 1 system enable tracking of magnetic coil localization in reference to the special marker placed on the participant’s head. Exact localization of magnetic coil is possible owing to the use of the previously acquired MRI brain scans. In result, stimulation of the particular part of the brain is very precise.
EEG Biosemi System
64–channel electroencephalography system (with a possible extension to 128) by Biosemi Due to the use of active electrodes, no specially isolated room is required. Moreover, it also enable quick preparation of participants to proper experimental procedure
Hi-speed 500 SMI eye-tracker
Hi-Speed 500 uses specialist HD camera and advanced algorithms for image recognition which enable eye movement tracking with sampling rate of 500 mHz. Technical parameters of eye-tracker allow to measure very precisely the eye-movement course.
RED SMI eye-tracker
Compact modular construction of RED allows tracking participants eye movement in case when presision is not as strictly required as during Hi-speed use. Whereas, RED SMI provides:

  • Tracking participant’s eye movement with noninvasive setup .
  • Usage of monitors from 19″, 22″ to 60″ and projector 300″ image
  • Free head motion 40cm x 20cm at 70 cm distance from the device


Dikablis eye-tracker (mobile)
Due to the wireless connection and set of batteries sticked e.g. to the belt, the eye-tracker is fully mobile. Dikablis eye-tracker makes conducting experiments in participant’s natural environment. Big scope (to 300 m), small size and weight of the eye-tracker cause a free and easy handling for participants.
Lumina pads system by Cedrus
Pads’ system designed especially for participants’ response in a wide range of experiments.
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