Welcome to the Action and Cognition Laboratory

The A&C Lab at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Science) is a research unit in the field of cognitive science, electrophysiology and neuroscience.

Our team headed by Gregory Kroliczak (PhD, Professor) is focused on research exploring the issue of language and gestures representation, brain lateralization, handedness and their connections.

We use techniques such as EEG, TMS, eye-tracking as well as traditional psychophysical behavioral methods.

Studies are conducted by experienced specialists and PhD candidates in the field of Cognitive Science and Psychology. Representatives of student scientific groups are also welcome.

Videos about Lab:

Agnieszka Nowik (PhD) and Michal Klichowski (PhD, Associate Professor) – 2018 (PL)

Gregory Kroliczak (PhD, Professor) and Michal Lubawy (MA) – 2013 (PL)